Monday, May 7, 2012

Barry Manilow - The Essntial (2 CD set) (320Kps MP3) iTunes Read

Barry Manilow - The Essntial (2 CD set) (320Kps MP3) iTunes Read

Barry Manilow - The Essntial (2 CD set) (320Kps MP3) iTunes Read

HASH: 3af19f0fd8b49b984f8d93e16136789418963abf


+The Essential/1-01 Mandy.mp3

+The Essential/1-02 It's A Miracle.mp3

+The Essential/1-03 Could It Be Magic.mp3

+The Essential/1-04 I Write The Songs.mp3

+The Essential/1-05 Bandstand Boogie.mp3

+The Essential/1-06 Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again.mp3

+The Essential/1-07 Beautiful Music.mp3

+The Essential/1-08 This One's For You.mp3

+The Essential/1-09 Weekend In New England.mp3

+The Essential/1-10 Jump Shout Boogie.mp3

+The Essential/1-11 Looks Like We made It.mp3

+The Essential/1-12 Daybreak [Live].mp3

+The Essential/1-13 New York City Rhythm [Live].mp3

+The Essential/1-14 Can't Smile Without You.mp3

+The Essential/1-15 Even Now.mp3

+The Essential/1-16 Copacabana (At The Copa).mp3

+The Essential/1-17 Ready To Take A Chance Again.mp3

+The Essential/2-01 Somewhere In The Night.mp3

+The Essential/2-02 Ships.mp3

+The Essential/2-03 When I Wanted You.mp3

+The Essential/2-04 I Don't Want To Walk Without Yo.mp3

+The Essential/2-05 One Voice.mp3

+The Essential/2-06 I Made It Through The Rain.mp3

+The Essential/2-07 Lonely Together.mp3

+The Essential/2-08 The Old Songs.mp3

+The Essential/2-09 Somewhere Down The Road.mp3

+The Essential/2-10 Memory.mp3

+The Essential/2-11 Some Kind Of Friend.mp3

+The Essential/2-12 Read 'Em And Weep.mp3

+The Essential/2-13 When October Goes.mp3

+The Essential/2-14 I'm Your Man [Club Mix].mp3

+The Essential/2-15 Brooklyn Blues.mp3

+The Essential/2-16 Hey Mambo (with Kid Creole & T.mp3

+The Essential/2-17 I'd Really Love To See You Toni.mp3

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